The Cold Chain

The Cold Chain By Yaiza Berrocal Guevara Translated by Sian Creely In The Cold Chain we follow the story of Lola, a little girl whose first taste of potato smilies leads her to write love letters to Mr McCain, the faceless man responsible for her delight.   Aided and berated variously by her former militant father…

The Rooftop

Photo: from original publication of La Azotea By Rafael Guizado Translated by Gigi Guizado Volume 9, Issue 2 (Fall 2022) Translating Rafael Guizado usually presents me with two key challenges, both of which I encountered while translating La Azotea/The Rooftop. The first is acquiring the source text. Sharing a last name and family tree with…

Seven Against Thebes

By Antón Arrufat
Translated by Amanda T. Perry

Citizens, the time has come
for him to speak who watches over the homeland
without yielding his eyes to soft sleep
without listening to enemy voices
or surrendering to the memory of his own blood.


By Gerardo Fulleda León
Translated by David Lisenby

Good evening to you all! Today I want to tell you the tale of a boy. He was not a prince or a philosopher. But he could have been someone who passes by and then builds a tower that makes us raise our eyes in amazement.