The Invasion

By Arthur Adamov
Translated by David Carter

Pierre:  (He gets up and goes towards Agnès) I’ve found it!
Agnès:  What? The word you were looking for?
Pierre:  Better, the whole sentence!

Molière at Versailles

Translated and adapted from the plays of Molière
By Mechele Leon

In adapting Impromptu, a play about Molière’s company in rehearsal, I invented a reimagined premise in which Molière’s company prepares to offer a command performance of The Imaginary Invalid at the Versailles Palace for Louis XIV.

The Last Scene

By Alain Foix
Translated by Amelia Parenteau

The Last Scene offers an almost dreamy depiction of violent realities, and a fascinating window into our past, through a lens of French interpretation.


By Racine
Translated by Catherine Esther Styles

Although Racine’s Phèdre is acknowledged as one of the supreme achievements of European literature, it is not often performed in English.