Why Does Everything

By Rafael Spregelburd
Translated by Samuel Buggeln and Ariel Gurevich

Sometimes I hide a document. I put it somewhere secret, and I start to gauge the effects. When I see everyone’s desperate, I pull the document from its stash, sign it and get the belt running again. I make myself indispensable, you understand?

Inching Towards Yeolha

By Sam-Shik Pai
Translated by Walter Byongsok Chon

Once upon a time in a tiny village called Yeolha, there used to be a spring, known for its limitless outpouring of hot water throughout the seasons. Yet over time, the village turned into a desert, lost its legacy, and fell into oblivion. Now all you can see is land, plain land, which directly meets the sky…

The Invasion

By Arthur Adamov
Translated by David Carter

Pierre:  (He gets up and goes towards Agnès) I’ve found it!
Agnès:  What? The word you were looking for?
Pierre:  Better, the whole sentence!