Identified NN 12

Photo: Carolina Bustamante as NN; Gracia Morales as the Forensic Scientist By Gracia Morales Translated from Castilian Spanish by Phyllis Zatlin Volume 9, Issue 3 (Spring 2023) I met Gracia Morales in the fall of 2018 at the University of Southern Indiana during an international theatre conference organized by A. David Hitchcock. When I had…

The Cold Chain

The Cold Chain By Yaiza Berrocal Guevara Translated by Sian Creely In The Cold Chain we follow the story of Lola, a little girl whose first taste of potato smilies leads her to write love letters to Mr McCain, the faceless man responsible for her delight.   Aided and berated variously by her former militant father…


By Gemma Brió Zamora
Translated by Sharon Feldman

I wait, to wait, I’m waiting, I wait, you wait, she waits, anticipation, a waiting room, wait, wait, wait… Waiting turns into despair. Wait, wait, wait, wait…

Lamp Lady

By Marta Aran
Translated by Elena Igartuburu

MAURICI: Very interesting. Ok then, listen. I don’t have a title for it yet, but I’ll probably call it “Lamp Lady.”
MAURICI: Because that’s exactly what it’ll be. A woman posing as a lamp.