Seven Against Thebes

By Antón Arrufat
Translated by Amanda T. Perry

Citizens, the time has come
for him to speak who watches over the homeland
without yielding his eyes to soft sleep
without listening to enemy voices
or surrendering to the memory of his own blood.

Decomposed Theater

By Matéi Visniec
Translated by Jozefina Komporaly

I can’t stop. This hasn’t happened to me before. This morning, I left for my usual run. I got as far as a couple hundred feet when I suddenly realized I couldn’t stop.


By Gemma Brió Zamora
Translated by Sharon Feldman

I wait, to wait, I’m waiting, I wait, you wait, she waits, anticipation, a waiting room, wait, wait, wait… Waiting turns into despair. Wait, wait, wait, wait…

Tomb Dwellers

By Hossein Kiyani
Translated by Fatemeh Madani Sarbarani

Tomb Dwellers was first staged after the contested presidential election in Iran in 2009 which brought Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into power for a second term.