Iphigenia at Aulis

By Euripedes
Translated and Adapted into English Verse by Brian Vinero

You may call me an augur or a seer / And call me to decipher when you fear / The mystery of what will lie aheadI’m Agamemnon’s extra eye.

The Bacchae

By Euripedes
Translated by Emma Pauly

Here I am. Dionysus, son of Zeus, in the land of Thebes, at your service. Kadmos’ daughter Semele gave birth to me here in a scorch of lightning. Down from divinity, I have taken this mortal form, here where the Dirke and Ismenus meet.

In Review: The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Greek Plays

Reviewed by Maria Mytilinaki Kennedy

The publication of a new collection of contemporary Greek plays in translation is a rare occasion worth celebrating. While ancient Greek plays account for a large number of published and performed translations in English, modern Greek theatre is largely unknown in the English-speaking world. The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Greek Plays constitutes an important step in remedying this gap, as it brings together five plays written by acclaimed Greek playwrights between 1995 and 2016.


By Arisophanes
Translated by Karen Rosenbecker

First, I bow to the sun, grateful to see his radiance again, then to the famous soil of Pallas Athena and all the land of Cecrops which has received me, a weary wayward wanderer, come back to her own native shore, to the glory that is Greece and the grandeur that is home.